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AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023

AUGUST 10TH-11TH, 2023



Wishes Can Happen celebrates 41 years of granting wishes of local kids ages 3 through 21 with life threatening medical conditions. Wish-A-Thon celebrates its Sweet 16th year as the largest fundraising event for Wishes Can Happen. ALL DONATIONS STAY LOCAL!

Presented by AultCare, Wish-A-Thon broadcasts 36 hours live exclusively on Mix 94.1 and News-Talk 1480 WHBC. Join us beginning 6am Thursday, August 10, 2023 (through 6pm August 11) and donate on air, online or in person (see details below).  HEREOS UNITE!  

Thank you Stark County and beyond!  Once again, because of you, we have another record breaking total of donations!


The Sweet 16th Annual Aultcare Wishathon to benefit Wishes Can Happen raised $285,195.15!


Year to date, $2,408,340 has been raised to help local kids with life threatening illnesses to have a wish come true.


Special note!  You can bid on auction items until 11:59pm Sunday (August 13th).  Click here!
And there is always time to make a donation at www.wishescanhappen.org



Every penny helps! A wish now now averages at about $10,000! Our goal for 2023 is 40 wishes! HERE’S FOUR WAYS TO DONATE

1. Call 330-649-WISH (9474) during Wish-A-Thon ONLY!  2. Visit us at Springbrook Plaza, 4321 Whipple Avenue NW (near Planet Fitness) August 10th and 11th!  

3. Push the donate button on this website!  4. Mail your donation to: Wishes, P.O. Box 9428, Canton, OH 44711.  

Listen to Mix 94.1 and News-Talk 1480 WHBC for our Wish Kids stories! And for more information on the Wishes Can Happen organization, click here



Kyler loves the Power Rangers! This was a first for us – a POWER RANGER CONVENTION with Kyler as an honored special guest who met all the original cast movie stars in Pasadena, CA. The Power Rangers were humbled at Kyler’s incredible strength during his battle with cancer. While in California, we sent this fine little man to Disneyland for an extra added bonus!


During what should have been fun, carefree years at high school with his lifelong friends, Caden was battling cancer. He had dreamed for years of
visiting Atlantis and enjoying their water parks and his dream finally came true. Thrilled with the marine life and crystal clear waters, the family also enjoyed a special dolphin experience. And the thrills of those water park adventures will last this young man a lifetime!


A pony and a cart for Nathan! We had a picnic at their home with Nathan’s friends and family to share his big surprise—and the pony surprised us with a foal this month! The cart company in Millersburg informed us they were out six months or more—that is until they heard Nathan’s story. They moved our boy up to first place in production and made a cart any pony would be proud
to pull! 


How excited we were to do a wish for a beautiful girl with a beautiful name
JUBILEE! And she has a sweet smile and personality to match that wonderful name! Her mom said that she just smiled and smiled on her wish! This little girl has endured a heart transplant and so much in her young life. We were over the moon excited to give her the wish of her dreams!


Although diagnosed with a painful, life-long condition that causes frequent hospitalizations, Kyree’s smile is contagious. He tells his mom, “I want to do everything!” Well, on his wish trip, he did EVERYTHING and more. His joy and enthusiasm were evident to all who met him, beginning with the pilots who took him to his heartfelt wish place! He visited every park that put Florida on the map, having one special experience after another with all his favorite Superheroes.


Sam’s wish was to go to a Padre’s game. We heard the Padre’s were the league’s most kind-hearted team, and they didn’t disappoint. The Padre’s arranged special experiences with all the team players, autographed shirts and game seats in the owner’s box. Sam’s mom, Kristina, said that it was one of the happiest times in her son’s life. We arranged a tour of the USS Midway – to Sam’s delight – because he was also a lover of history. They spent a fun-filled day at the San Diego Zoo and enjoyed a bay cruise while in California. Unfortunately, Sam passed away earlier this year. He brought such light into the world and will be forever missed.


Hallie wanted to share her wish granted years ago with others. We installed the SS Hallie at Lake Cable Clubhouse along with a “Little Free Library” in memory of her friend, Jordyn Myers, who passed away a month after a cancer diagnosis. Fighting a relapse, we recently granted a small second wish just for her with our friends at WHBC and Mix 94.1 radio stations – two lovely, long-eared bunnies!


We asked Mina, “If you had one wish, just one wish, what would it be?’ Her tender voice said, “I’d like a whipped cream bath with sprinkles.” When we told our friends at News-Talk 1480 WHBC/Mix 94.1 of her simple wish, The
response was, “LET’S DO THIS!” Mina had brain surgery for a cancerous tumor at just four years old. When it came back just a few months later, she endured another surgery and radiation. We surprised her at the radio with a whipped cream bath, and we also sent her to Disney to meet with her favorite princess, Belle!


All aboard for train lover Aaron! The family boarded the Amtrak Southwest Chief in Chicago’s Union Station for a 17 hour ride to La Jolla, Colorado. On July 4th, they rode the Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad for one of the most scenic round-trip rides in America to the historic mining town of Silverton. They enjoyed mountain cabin stays and special time with friends and family.


Kahmario wanted a trip wish, but his fragile health made plane travel impossible. We worked quickly with a series of small wishes, starting with a new X-box and games. A party for his friends and family was held at Red Lobster with a gaming truck. Then, with the help of General RV donating a camper and driver, he got that trip. Kahmario passed away just a few months later and will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.


We are continually amazed at what ‘floats our kid’s boats’ . . . for Claire, she wanted to get away from the “reality of cancer treatments.” She loves nature and spending time with her family – she blended both of these loves with a wish for a camper. Our friends at General RV turned her wish into reality with a surprise wish party, complete with special gifts, for all her family and friends. Her summer has been filled with many exciting adventures!

Ava, Olivia & Landon

The day our Wish families were told their child had a life-threatening condition is one that will forever be etched in their memory. One local family still cannot fathom that all three of their children have the same rare life-threatening disease and were facing potential bone marrow transplants. Fortunately, all three children were admitted into a clinical trial for gene transfer therapy in California. Only nine kids were accepted worldwide, and so far all three kids are doing well; however, their future remains uncertain. 


Wishes Can Happen has achieved unprecedented milestones by granting an exceptional number of wishes. Tragically, many children whose wishes were granted with utmost urgency, passed away shortly after their cherished dreams came true. Thanks to swift referrals from Akron Children’s, we were able to fulfill their heartfelt wishes within days.


Sadly, the wish requests keep coming! And some wishes simply cannot wait. At this moment, our funds have reached a critically low point.

For the first time in our history, we fear that we may be unable to answer the call for these time-sensitive wishes.


Please heed our heartfelt plea:


Stand beside us and help us continue our mission of granting wishes, ensuring that no child’s dream goes unfulfilled.


Together, let us rise as heroes, uniting our strength, compassion, and resources to bring hope and joy to those who need it most.

The time to act is now, for some wishes simply cannot wait.

WISH Kid Podcast


Can’t make it to Springbrook Plaza during Wish-A-Thon? No sweat! 

Meet WHBC’s Pam Cook 11am-1pm each day of Wish-A-Thon (August 10th and 11th) at Friends and Family Credit Union, 3920 Erie Street South, Massillon. It’s Wishes on the Road!

Pam is taking donations and registering fans for Pentatonix tickets! Goo Goo Dolls tickets! — both at Blossom — and/or Guardians v. Tampa Bay September 3rd game tickets.

And a reminder, all Friends and Family Credit Union locations are taking donations for your convenience!

Three winners will be announced on or around the conclusion of Wish-A-Thon.  One pair of Pentatonix tickets, one pair of Goo Goo Doll tickets and a four-pack of Guardian tickets will be awarded to three different winners.





Tolin Designs is excited to offer this custom built, two-story luxury playhouse for the Sweet 16th Annual AultCare Wish-a-Thon! This one-of-a-kind build features a side entry, second story balcony, covered patio, vinyl plank flooring, real working interior and exterior lights, two wooden doors, doorbell, real working windows with screens, Evolve stone exterior accent and decor! 

You have to see this creation in person to believe it!  The Playhouse will be on display at Wish-A-Thon August 10th and 11th at Springbrook Plaza, 4321 Whipple Ave NW where you can purchase your tickets in person! You can also call in at 330-649-WISH. Tickets are $50 each.

Note: Dimensions are 14’ wide, 7’ deep, 10’ high. Delivery included within 25 miles, up to 50 miles but with fee. Must be an approved place for placement (no hills, etc.), Must be a flat surface with easy access for trailer and skid steer. Required to sign a Hold Harmless agreement between Tolin Designs and winner. Total value: $18,000.

Tolin Designs offers a one-stop solution for your next remodeling project. Our design center is located on Market Avenue North across from Washington Square. We offer unique products and design coordination services for builders, contractors and homeowners, all under one roof!  Check us out online to book your consultation. 


If you can’t come to Springbrook Plaza and donate in person, don’t worry! Donate right here, right now! Or call 330-649-WISH (during WISH-A-THON hours 6am Thursday, August 10th through 6pm Friday, August 11th ONLY)!  The average cost of a Wish is now at $10,000! Click, donate and help grant a wish! 

Mailing a check? Make your check out to WISHES CAN HAPPEN and mail to Wishes, P.O. Box 9428, Canton, OH 44711. 

 Donate below!


The Sweet 16th Annual AultCare Wish-A-Thon to benefit Wishes Can Happen would not be possible without the generosity and help from our sponsors:

AultCare, Deville Apartments & Builders Inc., Kimble Recycling and Disposal Done Right, Friends and Family Credit Union, Selinsky Force, SARTA, Rohr’s Nursery, Home Appliance, Levin Furniture, NECA, Daystar Auto Group, Akron Children’s Hospital, General RV, Hear Inc, Abbott Electric, Bairs Powersports, Cordy’s Cigar Box, Biker Brewhouse, Ainsley Heating and Cooling, Medicine Center, Hosner Carpet One, Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health, and Pipeline Inc.

Plus a shout out to Canton Chair Rental, The Repository, Huntington Billboards, Tolin Designs and Pepsi Beverages Company of Massillon