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Meet some wish kids!


Kori was diagnosed with leukemia. It seemed that there was one complication after another, causing an invasive fungal infection that spread to her brain, causing heart failure and a three month long hospital stay. Finally the day came and she “rang the bell” at the hospital, signifying the end of treatments. A very curious and strong-minded little girl, her wish was to see the castles at Disney, and, having never been to the beach, she did that too! The family had the best time. No doctors. No hospitals. Just fun with the family. 


Myles was diagnosed with cancer at just 2-1/2 years old. His dad describes him as “having strength and willpower, and being feisty and stubborn
with a fighting spirit,” Myles is nearing the end of treatments! He lost his long blond curls, but his dad says, “His greatness is not defined by the length of his hair.” Earlier this year, we sent the family to our most popular requested wish area—the Florida amusement parks, where they had every adventure their feet could find!


Evie wanted to go to all the Florida parks, but travel is complicated with a vent, trach and so much more. Two nurses accompanied her and everything she needed was delivered to her vacation spot prior to her arrival. Surprised with a trip to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where she was treated like royalty, it was the trip of a lifetime for a very special girl! And having mom and grandma all to herself made it that much better! 


Elias has fought an aggressive brain cancer for years. He has had countless long hospitalizations and endured treatments no child should. His fight continues. He is a very kind boy, the kind of boy that when you talk to him, he truly listens, with his ears and his eyes—they look at you so intently. Elias loves “Stitch” of “Lilo and Stitch” fame, and his fondest wish was to meet him in Hawaii. Because of his elicate health, he couldn’t travel that far. He went to Discovery Cove, Disney, Universal—having a magical wish trip!


Lucie was born with Down’s Syndrome, actually increasing her risk for cancer. Her mom says that she knew something wasn’t right when Lucie wasn’t bounding out of bed to go to her very favorite place, school. The diagnosis? Cancer. Her wish? To visit her favorite place, Disney! She kept a daily countdown leading up to the big day! And it was everything she thought it would be. They all had a wonderful time until a virus hit most of the group including Lucie.  She ended up in the hospital upon her return to Ohio. But she has since rebounded and is doing well.


Elise started having unexplained leg pain at just two years old affecting her to walk. Told it was a cyst and a virus that would go away, she often cried with leg pain. Her diligent mother kept trying to find an answer and when a cancerous tumor was found years later, it required extensive painful surgeries. Elise is a talkative little girl who absolutely loves to sing, singing “You Are My Sunshine” live on the air last year at the Wish-A-Thon. Her wish took her to Disney where she talked to every princess!


Aiden was diagnosed with leukemia at 2 years old. Although there is no “good” cancer, his type has an over 90% cure rate if there are no complications. Finished with chemotherapy, Aiden’s life has returned to pretty much normal, visiting the hospital only for scheduled tests. He enjoys playing sports and playing in his kid-filled neighborhood. Always smiling, we’re looking forward to creating even more smiles when we send him on his wish to Disney and Universal later this year!

wish kids!

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